Specialist Commercial Tiling Contractors
Specialist Commercial Tiling Contractors

Terms & Conditions

The following are supplementary to the Parent Companies' standard terms and conditions of trading. The following additional terms and conditions apply to all Estimates, transactions and contracts for Moderna Contracts Limited.



A. Estimates are based on current labour and material rates. These are to be held firm for 3 months from the date of tender.

B. The main contractor shall provide all labour and plant as necessary for unloading and hoisting to positions as may be required unless otherwise

C. This Company cannot be held responsible for delays by non-availability of material or inclement weather.

D. All preparation of timber surfaces to be carried out by others, at a free cost to us, as follows:

- Wall surfaces and ducting: plywood to be a minimum of 12.5 mm thick and screwed at a maximum of 300mm centres.

- Floors: resin bonded waterproof plywood to be a minimum of 12.5 mm thick and maximum of 150mm centres. Unless the above specification is adhered to, this Company cannot accept responsibility or be liable for any failure.

E. All works to be carried out during normal working hours unless otherwise stated. Nonproductive overtime upon receipt of a signed sheet will be charged at the following rates: Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and weekdays from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at daywork rate as specified hereunder plus 50%. Sundays and nights after 10:00 p.m. to be charged at daywork rate as specified plus 100%.

F. Daywork rates upon receipt of order and signed sheet with a minimum 8 hour day inclusive of travelling time will be charged at rates per hour as laid down by the TTA plus expenses.

G. Daywork involving natural stone will be charged at the same rate plus 20%. Materials will be charged at cost plus 40%

H. Return visits or abortive visits due to areas not being ready for our tradesmen so necessitating them to leave the said area will be charged as an extra over on a time and materials basis at daywork rate plus travelling times and fares etcetera, less areas included in the Final Account. This Company will not accept the term, “work to be carried out in as many visits necessary” unless otherwise stated. We will not accept Daywork sheets to have “For Record Purposes only” written against the hours signed.

I. Whilst every care is taken during the work, this Company cannot be held responsible for, or accept liability in respect of damage to plumbing, electrical, heating installations, paint work, decorations, furniture and fixtures etcetera.

J. The main contractor is to be responsible for protection of this Company’s work during progress, and after completion of this Company’s contract unless otherwise stated.

K. All materials remain the property of this Company until full payment is received.

L. This Company has no design responsibility, unless otherwise stated,



1. Main contractor to include for the supply of all sand and cement etcetera, unless otherwise stated.

2. Any surplus materials supplied by this Company remaining after the completion of the works described overleaf are the property of this Company and do not entitle the customer to any credit in respect thereof.

3. Main contractor to include for all necessary builder’s work in connection with this Company’s work. The main contractor shall also provide this Company with suitable lockable storage accommodation, sufficient water as necessary, temporary lighting and heating, power as may be required and scaffolding over 2 meters high unless otherwise stated.

4. Wall tiling is to be laid with straight joints and an approved thin bed type adhesive to the main contractor’s prepared dead flat and plumb surfaces (i.e. this Company has not included for any rendering, preparing wall surfaces or using thick bed type adhesive) unless otherwise stated.

5. No tiles can be guaranteed against shading, sizing or crazing.

6. All types of stone, being a natural material, is subject to natural marking, variations in colour, latent mineral deposits, and cannot be guaranteed against such.

7. Floor tiling to be affixed to the main contractor’s flat and even surfaces (i.e. this Company has not included for any leveling compound etcetera).

8. No allowance has been made for clearing away rubbish unless otherwise stated.

9. No allowance has been made for the design and/or manufacture of templates unless otherwise stated.

10. Expansion joints; we have allowed within out rates for forming of expansion joints but not for filling unless otherwise stated.

11. We have allowed for a regular type cement based grout and not an epoxy based grout unless stated by ourselves.

12. No allowance has been made for the removal or easing of doors to accommodate new floor level, removal of any furniture or any other preparatory works unless otherwise stated.

13. All prices quoted are based upon works being affixed to a true, prepared and even surfaces unless otherwise stated.

14. Retentions are only applicable on contracts with a value exceeding £10,000

NOTE: All prices quoted are exclusive of V.A.T.